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The most effective way to drive performance and growth is to ensure you have the right people around the table. Any successful leader will tell you that surrounding themselves with well informed and varied stakeholders, more often than not, leads to a successful outcome.

Some organisations have a plethora of such people inside their company and some can even access people from around the globe to develop best practice groups within. However, even with such resources, it is often the case that such focus groups become all too attentive on the internal ethos and commercial pressures rather than exploring opportunities that may be manifesting beyond their knowledge, or span of control.

At Ottersbrook we consistently experience that engaging with others outside of the organisation, can often lead to exceptional ideas and opportunities. Not only do you get the benefit of ‘another view’ but this can often stimulate the teams internally, who would not otherwise challenge themselves so stringently to find solutions or different avenues. It’s often hard to admit that sometimes we just like to find an easy route, but that’s not how effective innovation begins in reality. Why not email us here to find out how we can help you stimulate your ideas and teams.

For even more stimulation and insight, we also have access to conference events and can put you at the forefront of such occasions should you wish to reach a wider audience or indeed, see how others are working in similar environments. We can even create a specific conference for your own developments or needs.


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