Focused on your business brand & vision as we integrate with your culture


One of the many challenges a business can face is how to integrate with a strong and effective stakeholder group. A stakeholder group that has similar needs or intent and one that can add real value to the mission you are on. This can obviously vary from your supply chain providers, recipients, customers and of course the wider stakeholder members who can also have a significant effect on your objectives such as regulators, certification bodies, government and even your competitors. Your customers and clients can also create a significant barrier to entry, as we have experienced in certain areas.

Your ambition or innovation can be radical, incremental, architectural, modular or niche but the effect on the market or sector you are focusing on, can be significant. This effect is known as the ‘hypercube of Innovation’ and as such, requires a certain amount of well-structured planning to allow you to create transparency and certainty for your return on investment.

At Ottersbrook, we have a plethora of experience and an extremely wide and varied stakeholder insight, which can often lead to business opportunity in different ways. Our network and trusted position mean that we can offer a fast track route into areas that may not be obvious. This often leads to symbiotic outcomes where partners are aligned for best results and the most effective route to market.

If you are considering a development of any kind, and would like to know how to maximise your chances of success, then maybe a workshop or a simple meeting could give you access to a wealth of knowledge and current opportunities, as well as hazards that may not be that obvious.

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