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In today’s world, marketing your target audience and the many stakeholders, is complex and can often lead to wasted resource time and expenditure. More often than not, word of mouth at the centre of focus groups and best practice events has become the best form of communication. Risk is high for most organisations especially when huge budgets are at stake for the deployment of a strategy. Therefore, it is important that you are well connected for both insight and for delivering your messages. At Ottersbrook, we can ensure that not only will you have access to the most up to date information for your development needs, but we can also communicate your strategy and messages to the right organisations, targeted at the right decision makers, at the right moment in time.

We can help you with:

  • Getting connected to the right Hubs, focus groups and workshop events across the industry;
  • Setting up new events to ensure a successful ‘early adopter’ strategy, working with high profile influencers and clients;
  • Connecting and chairing events and focus groups at all levels (including APPGs and CLC events) to ensure that you have a risk free and successful delivery plan;
  • Crafting your marketing plan(s);
  • Developing your PR programme(s);
  • Crafting your submission for awards, conferences, exhibitions or relevant periodicals;
  • Designing your whole marketing strategy, working with your internal team or as a retained provider for all marketing services;
  • We can also provide training to your teams or customers using techniques and tools that provide continued support long after we have delivered our service to you.


Whatever your communication needs, Ottersbrook, together with our strategic partners, will connect you and provide a streamlined approach ensuring your deployment process is well crafted and managed for success. Simply email us here for more on events management.

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