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When setting up a factory or developing a product, system or entire volumetric offering, there can be no mistaking that the area of regulation and certification control is extremely complex. Whether a factory management system or technology certification / warranty process, the amount of effort and focus this takes, is both time consuming and often very costly.

There is also the common mistake of using assessment and certification bodies (unintentionally) as a product development partner in pursuit of your vision. This can lead to excessive costs and time wasting and is extremely frustrating for both sides of the table. Not having a thorough plan for your assessment process can also lead to a lack of trust in your ability to manage and control the project or technology itself. Many organisations put their colleagues under immense pressure to deliver results in this area, often in an environment not familiar to them. New Product or System Development (NPD) doesn’t happen every day so it’s a niche area that requires a lot of skill and knowledge to manage.

The process of NPD is also under immense strain as the industry learns from historical events and is striving to improve on lessons learned. This is a constantly changing environment that will continue to develop in complexity and focus over the coming years. Our services in this area will enable your business and your team to benefit from over 35 years of management in this environment with regulatory, certification and academic organisations across the globe. This area of expertise is without doubt our most valued service to management teams, operational teams and also to the providers of services and regulation, who also desire a smooth journey. Our experts can assure you of a process that is both fully mapped out and transparent for your business development and vision.

Below is an example of the organisations that Ottersbrook regularly liaise with in pursuit of compliance, accreditation and strategic deployment. For more on compliance procedures, please email us here and we will gladly assist you.

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