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As your partner for all things MMC, whether technical development, operational management, strategic partnering, marketing deployment or overall compliance, our purpose is to ensure that your aspirations are fully understood and delivered with the highest level of competency and dedication. Working for highly innovative organisations is part of our DNA and we fully understand how to integrate with your leadership and operational teams to ensure optimum results. Our promise is to ensure that we make a significant difference to your people and the many stakeholders involved in your business. We look forward to helping you to deliver your mission and your vision, as we integrate with your culture.

Did you know, that existing Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) have been around for between 80-100 years, depending on the technology? in fact, if you look hard enough you can find very strong evidence to demonstrate that the Romans developed MMC prefabricated kits and off-site construction processes over 2,000 years ago when they were building their army fortifications, hospitals, aqueducts and other buildings (both for temporary and permanent structures).

What an oxymoron right? How can it be a modern method of construction if such technology has been around for so long?

The use of Timber, Steel and Concrete as structural systems, are very well understood and intelligence is robust when designing with such materials. However, the difference today is understanding how evolving ‘composite materials’ act together (homogeneously) in systems (or MMC formats) across many building physics areas (e.g. fire, acoustics, thermal, structural, moisture etc). Many products and some systems do have excellent control methodologies via European harmonised standards and suites of testing standards for CE marking purposes. Where quite a lot of MMC systems are lacking, is in this technical support managed by many working groups, technical committees and experts across many countries. This process can often take up to 10 years to conclude for even the most common products and systems. Such working groups usually require a lot of test data to satisfy themselves that there is enough evidence to support the use of new techniques and to be able to convince many professional institutes and insurers, that the technology itself can be designed with robust calculation methods. We therefore, in the absence of such standards for many MMC systems, have to ensure that our approach (especially modular or volumetric approaches), is robust and well documented for acceptance by many certification and accreditation bodies. Moving that system from the factory to the site requires yet another level of design review to ensure the movement in transit does not create additional stresses on the MMC technology. Having the right insurance control for warranties and of course your own business management of such technologies (all business risk) is also a vital area to review. The list of bodies that are involved in this review process is quite extensive and often not entirely understood in their individual or specific needs. See here for a list of stakeholders involved in the MMC delivery process, and the Ottersbrook services offered.

Take a look at the images below to see how we have been working with ‘first generation’ MMC systems since the early 1900’s.

Frank Lloyd Wright

US Architect designing with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) for his Usonian Houses in the 1930’s. This continued through the 30’s and 40’s with one of Frank’s architectural students (Alden B. Dow), the son of the Dow Chemical Company Founder. SIPs continue to be a highly effective choice for many modular and volumetric buildings across the globe.

John Alexander Brodie

Liverpool Civil Engineer responsible for the Mersey tunnel, also famous for inventing and patenting the football net and was vice President of what now is the RAC, designed and installed Prefabricated Concrete Panels for the Eldonian Village, Liverpool, 1904. He was a pioneer for modular housing projects at the start of the 1900’s.

Please don’t write in about the PPE situation, but at least you can tell who the foreman / site engineer was!

Herbet Jacobs

Our manufacturing facilities and technologies have moved on considerably since the early 1900’s (and definitely since the Roman domination era) and are evolving at an impressive rate. Many MMC systems are now integrating intelligence around monitoring, energy efficiency, AVC technology management and Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning, to offer a more controlled and sustainable product. At Ottersbrook, we can ensure that your technology is designed, tested, certified, transported and erected with the highest level of control, accuracy and certainty throughout the DfMA process, whatever the technology. Our manufacturing, on site, regulatory and certification experience, can make a significant difference to your costs and overall budget, so you don’t waste time reinventing many wheels that have turned before. We can also assist your project or ambition by providing opportunities to interact with other stakeholders, who are also looking for supply and delivery chain partners to share control and success in this evolving market.

Ottersbrook can offer many services to support your management process. Common areas of support that we regularly provide are:
  • Production / Management Process reviews (including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs:);
  • New Product Development (NPD) and Value Engineering;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Strategy, supply chain or general brainstorming workshops (across all leadership, operational, sales and marketing departments);
  • Manufacturing setup / startup or post commissioning assessment;
  • Industry networking and MMC Hub events;
  • Leadership coaching (ensuring your teams are focused on the right objectives and / or opportunities):
  • We also offer a wealth of guidance for those not in the manufacturing industry, looking to control investments in the Offsite / MMC sector.

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