Marketing Support

You will know that marketing support can be expressed in many ways and not all organisations have the resource or finances to cover all areas. In fact not many businesses have ALL the marketing services available to us today. At Ottersbrook we can provide the right service at the right time to ensure every step of your objectives are met and focussed, diligently. As part of our review, we build the model that suits your needs specific to that objective, tailor made at every step. We do not cover all marketing services in house (literature design, web site development, SEO, crisis management etc) but what we don't offer, we know how to supply, as we can connect you to like minded organisations who won't see you as a cash cow, rather a trusted partner for collaboration, should the opportunity develop. This is our promise as we pick our partners carefully and who are completely on the same page as us when it comes to honesty and trust. We can even project manage that for you. In the end our desire is to see you excel, your business grow and your employees motivated as we build our brand with you. An example of the services we offer from within our marketing team are:

The marketing support we provide is offered so we build a complete model for our customers. This ensures we do not lose momentum or the control to see your objectives through to completion. However, we can most certainly work with your own external partner for marketing services and we will most definitely NEED to work with your internal marketing team as part of the deliverable(s).