Innovation Mapping

New product development, existing product development or specialist service provision can often be an expensive drain on the organisation that does not plan for its staging or route to market. Using the 'Ansoff' model below, it can be seen how products and markets can be segmented by a business in an attempt at finding the value proposition desired for higher margin returns. The successful outcome very much depends on the core competence of the organisation and the focus to deliver the investment. All too often, the receptiveness of the industry or even the regulatory / certification bodies, to accept new or emerging products, services and technologies, can often hinder or thwart innovation. This is where we can add value to your existing capabilities, by ensuring a route, process and of course a willing and collaborative audience.

With our team of dedicated consultants (not all of them, just the expert(s) hand picked for your needs), we can advise on the most efficient route to market. By looking at support mechanisms, efficiency in design and development or simply a piece of simple research with our networks to determine the likelihood for adoption and success, we can plan with you to avoid wasted costs and resource using our tools and processes. It is also important to remember the industry driver demands that exist within the market place. For example, towards low and zero carbon targets for energy conservation, or for a plethora of other technical, regulatory or emerging standardisation requirements. The innovation process (including Stage-Gating Control) can be simplified by close communication and collaboration with internal teams and end users. We also aim to keep things as simple, transparent and as risk free as possible to manage costs and to protect and grow the corporate brand. This is also manageable by you on our online 'project zone' portal, giving you full control at all stages.