Cohesive Business Strategy driven with Innovation Insight supported by Intelligent Sustainable Design

Business Strategy

Our tried and trusted strategy planning and implementation workshops will both assist and inspire your team(s) to realise the full potential of your business, taking you from Red Oceans of hyper-competition into Blue Oceans of high margin.

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Innovation Mapping

We have many years of stage-gate product design knowledge and certification assurance in the Construction Industry. With our network of academic, certification and regulatory bodies, we can ensure a smooth, fast track process for the successful product or service launch.

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Design Services

Whether you are looking for engineering design services, expert witness advice, LCA or sustainability support, our team can ensure you are assisted with the greatest impact, utilising value engineering techniques to cover our costs wherever we can.

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Marketing Support

We can provide research services through to strategic marketing plans. Delivered with transparent tools for communication and control at all levels of the organisation. Simply think of us as your project partner, or manager if you need that level of support.

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Welcome to Ottersbrook

At Ottersbrook we have a variety of skills to enable your business to develop and continue to operate, without adding medium to long term HR costs. Whether you are looking for a simple facilitated brainstorming workshop, a solution to a technical problem, or a detailed vision, mission or strategy development programme, we can offer the support you need to move the business forward with confidence. Why not call or email us to see how we can value engineer your ideas or strategies. We will of course utilise your own core competence (your biggest asset) but will maximise our network opportunities to ensure your objectives are both met and optimised. We would love to assist you in fast tracking your ideas and visions to the market. We use many tools to get to the bottom of your organisational needs and aspirations stretching your corporate intelligence by tasking employees and management to release their ideas and of course inertia or bottleneck concerns. This part is incredibly important as it both inspires and motivates employees for the very important implementation plans that drive the business forward. At this point, Ottersbrook will be in a much stronger position to reveal greater insight and strategies for innovation opportunities.We offer a day rate for our services or can also provide a fixed contract fee so you can sequence to your internal budget needs.