Business Strategy

Creating and communicating strong strategic direction not only provides reassurance for your business and its employees, but also gives confidence to other stakeholders in your business, including both up and down your supply chain. Our workshops can be geared for just a few people to a large conference event, industry affairs workshops or management team brainstorming sessions. Whatever your needs, a simple phone call to discuss them might just give you the confidence you need to set your journey on its way.

One other thing, our workshops are NEVER boring or too formal. Far from it, we want every participant to thoroughly enjoy this experience and we will make sure a lot of fun is had during the workshop(s). We also promise no 'death by powerpoint' presentations, just interaction of the best kind. It is our promise that people will be challenged, but that their passion will flow once engaged, even for the most nervous of employees.

Ottersbrook’s team of experienced facilitators work seamlessly with clients of all types to develop robust business strategies, at many levels. Whilst the best strategies and deployment plans work more effectively if they are managed top down, to include all levels of the business, we appreciate that in certain areas, such strategies and plans need to operate in isolation for specialist units or business models. Our dedicated workshops are meticulously designed (with your support) to extract the best opportunities from your people and we have many successes where this has been the case. Working with registered experts in facilitation, we often see businesses benefitting from either assessing or re-assessing objectives and milestones.

Whether this is simply looking for new opportunities, focussing the whole business efforts in one direction or creating scenarios for future risk/management control, we have the tools and people to ensure you are delivering and innovating to your maximum potential. Hopefully, we can even create leadership positioning with your team(s) and this is always our primary objective, to leave you with true value and tangible benefits for all to see. Growth in profitability is our true measure of your success. However, the plans we will leave (created by your team(s) are just the start of your future journey.